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"Alas …"

With a sigh, Eddie was not discouraged. He just waited quietly in the corridor for someone to come out of here Otherwise, ten minutes later,... Read More

"One day, even if you make a’ Prajnaparamita Ghost’ according to your own appearance, I won’t feel anything strange."

Wen Yan Pei Wende scratched his bald head and finished when he didn’t understand the irony in each other’s words The name "Prajnaparamita Ghost" was... Read More

In reality, if you want to know what has happened to the Terran in recent years, you can know everything by a casual calculation.

But expectations stem from the unknown. What fun is there in life if everything is concluded by calculation? The world of mortals is also a... Read More

Boom Boom Boom

Both sides have almost reached the limit today. Yuan Shen’s weak world keeps colliding and becoming extremely fragile, and gradually collapses and disappears. Even Wu... Read More

The moment stung the heart of the stars and the sky!

A moment stings the brain nerve that Xingtianmo has been sleeping for a long time! Deep in my mind, several blood flowers stimulated her! "Star... Read More

Purple-gold sword awn poured directly with irresistible terrorist power.

"It’s impossible to defeat me." Liu Long once again yelled that his body was incredibly rotated for three times and escaped the forest edge attack... Read More

It’s not just a joke, it’s true when one person is powerful enough to threaten the clan.

obviously Xian feng zi Chen Have such strength. "This is really a problem." "Terran immortal words wind zichen heart have scruples can’t I turned against... Read More

This scary-looking monster is a monster swallowing golden dragon worms in the late second order.

The golden dragon-swallowing earthworm’s barbs are as hard as the teeth in the iron mouth, and it can be divided into gold and jade, but... Read More

Is it lost in splendor and forgotten?

Now that you know about it, you can’t let it go. Cai He went to admire Pinger according to Tao Zhuo’s instructions and came in.... Read More