Boom Boom Boom

Both sides have almost reached the limit today.
Yuan Shen’s weak world keeps colliding and becoming extremely fragile, and gradually collapses and disappears.
Even Wu Lian gan Kun can’t support breaking into pieces!
The blending and resonance of the two realms can indeed make the martial arts respect the ultimate strength, far exceeding the restrictions of the rules of heaven on the middle and thousands of worlds.
However, nowadays, the continuous battle consumes a lot of money, and the state of blending between the two worlds will naturally be lifted after the martial arts can’t support it.
Without the gates of hell and the martial arts, the martial arts statue of Gankun can’t even release the simplest magical secret method.
Butterfly Moon, Demon Lord, Evil Emperor and Brahma Gui Mu are similar.
Daoyin is constantly being washed away by the dark river, and the six heavenly lords are already a spent force.
Up to now, the eleven emperors and the strong have been fighting in close combat. There is no earth-shattering scene, but they are biting each other with their fists!
Bone fracture and bloody flying are extremely tragic!
Both sides are determined, and their hearts can shake people.
The six heavenly lords will never retreat and let Wu Daozun and others go.
And Wu Daozun, Butterfly Moon, and the Devil are also determined to crush heaven in this life!
The two sides continue to fight with a strong will in their hearts!
Wu Daozun does not have many cards, but his body is the Yuan Wu world.
Even if you can hold up one side of the world, you can push everything to suppress the strong enemy with this martial art body!
Both sides were pushed to the limit, and after all, Wu Daozun won!
Wu Daozun swung his fists like a pair of peaks weighing more than Wan Jun, constantly smashing down.
The scales of the Lord in heaven fell off and were beaten to pieces.
Xuan God looks like a lot of skin injuries when he hides his whole body in a thick tortoise shell.
But generate’s amazing power in Wu Daozun’s fist can even penetrate his tortoise shell, which will shock his internal organs and damage his bones, crack his teeth and loosen his mouth with blood!
I’m afraid he will be shocked to death by Wu Daozun through the thick tortoise shell!
Chapter three thousand one hundred and ninety-three Desperate sword
The battlefield in the world is also extremely tragic, and there are many corpses floating in the stars.
Blood, residual limbs and broken arms can be seen everywhere.
Su Mo relies on a lot of posture to escape. It is the mysterious heaven who can’t chase him by himself. He has repeatedly escaped.
Angry, Lord Xuantian commanded more than 50 powerful emperors to encircle Su Mo!
More than 50 emperors are strong, and more than 10 emperors are peerless emperors!
There are still some ordinary heavenly emperors who are eager to take this opportunity to make contributions.
But instead of making any contribution, they were killed by Su Mo!
After Su Mo killed several ordinary emperors in a row, the heavenly emperor realized that the ordinary emperor was not enough to see before the peak fairy king.
It only evolved into the present situation with the passage of time.
Including Xuantian Shaozhu, more than 50 heavenly emperors constantly pursued Su Mo and oppressed him to escape!
It’s the ultimate Su Mo can do to stall more than 50 heavenly emperors by himself.
Even Yu Fengfeng’s emperor can’t do this.
But even so, the situation in the sword world and the wild world is still not optimistic
After all, the strength gap between the two sides is too big.
Even if Su Mo holds off more than 50 emperors, the strong will also ease the situation slightly.
Sumo’s state is getting worse and worse.
Xuan Tian, the little Lord and others can kill several ordinary emperors while taking advantage of the chaos. He can’t get away unscathed!
He wouldn’t dare to take the risk if he didn’t rely on the powerful vitality of the twelve immortals.
But even so, he was still traumatized, and his body was a little staggered, and his speed was not as good as before!