After Ted and others entered the urn, Peter, the second director, made the conference building directly cut off physically …

Just as Mark climbed to the 30th floor with Jack and three secret service members.
Debbie’s words suddenly came from the headset.
"… wait, boss. Thermal imaging has changed."
"… what changes"
Debbie, who is in charge of the equipment signal outside, frowned and looked at a red dot on the display, which was suddenly magnified three times. She faltered and said, "… well, I’m not sure, but it seems that someone suddenly got bigger."
"… what?" Mark stretched out his right hand to signal the people behind him to stop.
Suddenly getting bigger?
What is this thing?
One second!
Just as Mark was about to ask Debbie for a detailed explanation, there was a huge shock on his head …
Mark quickly stepped back like a flash, and at the same time grabbed Jack’s back and pulled him out.
an instant
The stairs leading to the surface are cracked in succession.
Mark’s eyes suddenly appeared a golden, big and thick elephant leg … Dongdong.
Mark directly toward the circle jack and three secret service agents pointed to the big drink a way behind him
Three secret service members were absent for a second and then ran towards the floor escape route without looking back.
Cut it!
Mark looked down at the turtle crack on the ground and called out his effective weapon in a bean curd project.
A dragon-shaped flying knife, like a dragon singing in an instant, trembled and hovered in the palm of Mark’s hand.
The same is true of ordinary flying knives all over the body.
Mark thought so when he looked at the small giant who was three meters tall in sight.
"Mark Louis!" Follow closely behind Violet, Ted leaned out his head and looked at Mark’s eyes with anger burning.
When he received a phone call from Eliza in the second place, Ted was in a daze.
Salt is one of them. How can you just let people go?
After rejecting this request from Eliza, Ted found the detailed information of Yumack through the Ministry database … and then laughed it off.
Who knows …
The next day, Mark just lifted the table.
If there is no accident in the multi-year deep diving plan, Ted may be able to retire from the position of director of the CIA and live a comfortable life with an American salary
Ted couldn’t understand that he didn’t offend Mark at all, and even asking Eliza to forward it was a euphemism, saying that Salt had reinstated the planning officer …
How did things come to this?
It’s too late to think about it now. It’s all exposed.
If you want to escape from here, you have to seize Mark and negotiate with the United States to get forgiveness.
Thinking about Ted, Violet said, "He is the one who caught him."
Violet nodded his head like gold and condensed his head. At that moment, the cracks on the floor were intensified.
One second
"Roar-"Violet gave a World War I roar, and with his legs as thick as an elephant, he brought up bursts of cracks and rushed towards Mark.
More than a dozen flying knives were shot at Violet’s golden body and immediately split.
After all, there is also a dragon-shaped flying knife that is irreplaceable.
He …
Belong to consumable property!
Watching the giant Mark blink, he flashed back and shouted at Jack who had run to the escape stairs, "Go and get me the gene suppressor."
Jack nodded quickly toward the stairway.
Do you have any questions about asking Mark alone?
Stop it!
I have followed Mark for many years and have seen all kinds of incredible scenes.
Now this?
It’s just a small scene