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It is estimated that this state will change at least after the early sun comes out.

All the people around me are fire smoke and poisonous smoke, and the simple’ gas mask’ covers the nose and mouth. If this fog is... Read More

Every time the military boots step on the surface and ring into the tiger’s ears, there is a shock.

These two hours of suffering are coming to an end, but when I saw Tang Yi, a little fantasy rose in the tiger’s heart. I... Read More

"Well, this may be our last chance, so even if we sacrifice ourselves, we have to call back two positions." Ten people secretly made up their minds to look at each other.

Killing and robbing the saints has no other advantages except being stronger than them, which gives them a chance to resurrect Di Jun. The law... Read More

Unhappy in my heart, the wind Zichen is about to suppress the chaotic gas coming in, but she sees a mysterious divine light blooming from other bodies.

Brush- The restless and chaotic gas in the place where the divine light shines seems to have been tamed, and it floats around the wind... Read More

At a certain moment, when cracks appeared in the fetal bodies of all Yuan gods, Feng Zichen felt that the temperature was almost the same, so she withdrew her strength and did not transform the source of heaven and earth.

Instead, they use their magical powers to draw themselves into the source of heaven and earth, and the creatures poured in along the cracks in... Read More

Maybe I can surpass you in the end, but I think maybe I’m not better than surpassing you. It’s enough to join hands with you!

Do you think so? What kind of expression do you have at the moment? You are suffering from pain that ordinary people can’t bear, and... Read More

There is a high probability that you will always win the cunning character.

In this case, I can’t let him get what he wants. So Schustr came to the sidelines to wake up his players and told them... Read More

After Ted and others entered the urn, Peter, the second director, made the conference building directly cut off physically …

Just as Mark climbed to the 30th floor with Jack and three secret service members. Debbie’s words suddenly came from the headset. "… wait, boss.... Read More

A general trend came crashing down.

Depending on all prohibitions and laws, the cocoon of light melted by Emperor Gou Chen in Gouchen Palace was directly blasted. Just at the critical... Read More