"Well, this may be our last chance, so even if we sacrifice ourselves, we have to call back two positions." Ten people secretly made up their minds to look at each other.

Killing and robbing the saints has no other advantages except being stronger than them, which gives them a chance to resurrect Di Jun.
The law deduces that the saints can’t figure out the top ten demon gods’ plans, so they have more opportunities to fuck.
Let them re-enter the vast land may be the most wrong decision of the saints.
Some saints are confused, and they are already confused by Ren Huang.
Sanqing will keep his promise, but how can the ancient demon race? It is indeed of great significance to revive xi he, but how is it more significant than reviving Di Jun?
From the end of the top ten demon gods, there is one, that is, to resurrect more than one person in Di Jun, so they are not considering it.
What they agreed to as saints was just to take this opportunity to set foot on the vast land again to prepare for the revival of Di Jun Taiyi.
If the saints support them from behind, they will be besieged and killed by Terran masters even before they set foot on the wild land.
The silence of the Ten Demon Gods, an inexplicable fluctuation, permeates their hearts in vain.
Suddenly, the expression of the Ten Demons is a shock, which is a signal from the saints that they should go to the vast land to attack the Terran.
"Brothers, let’s move."
"Remember that this is our only chance and we will never allow failure."
"If I miss this opportunity, I don’t know if we will have another chance to set foot on the vast land in this life."
Convergence up all affection continued Bai Ze said to them.
Then I’ll see him.
"The army is ordered to attack the Terran with me."
Language fell millions of troops out with neat steps to kill Terran.
"Let’s go, too." Seeing this, Bai Ze greeted everyone.
Smell speech more than nine demon god didn’t speak is the tacit understanding to take a step with the demon race army.
This one goes.
They really have no way out.
Inexplicably Bai Ze sighed
However, having said that, there is a certainty in his heart that he will be able to resurrect Di Jun Taiyi by going to the wild land.
The reason is very simple. There is a deep secret hidden in Bai Ze’s heart, that is, he didn’t even tell the nine demon gods who have life and death, and he buried it deeply in his heart.
That is, on the eve of the Lich’s decisive battle, Di Jun secretly summoned him and told Bai Ze that he would be resurrected after his fall.
Di Jun’s Xu people are also the world’s first-class and fierce witch clan, a formidable enemy. Can he not prepare for the resurrection himself?
Long, long ago, Di Jun thought about his downfall.
He knew that after his fall, not only would no one be willing to help him resurrect, but someone would fall into a trap and stop him from returning.
Therefore, he arranged the cause of his downfall early to help him recover.
Moreover, Di Jun left more than one successor, but many. One of them was told by him to Bai Ze.
Everything should be prepared by many hands, so is Feng Zichen and so is Di Jun.
It is precisely because we know that Di Jun’s successor, Bai Ze, is sure to revive Di Jun.
Whether he is going to attack the Terran or not is mainly to find an opportunity to start Di Jun’s subsequent party, which is known to outsiders in Bai Ze.