Wonderful surplus blood flute resist Qing Xuan a face of pale Anya looked at Xiao Lingyu expression is extremely urgent.

Miaoying insists that there is no time limit for her to pour Jingxue into the bloody flute, so that the bloody flute can always be so powerful. Miaoying’s body Jingxue is limited after all, and if Jingxue consumes too much life essence, she will be in danger if she continues this life.
"Stop it."
Miao Ying looked askance, but she saw Xiao Lingyu standing beside her with a straight face. She didn’t stop outputting JingXie, but she felt that her eyes were dark and she was going to faint.
Xiao Lingyu vaguely remembers that Peng Lao’s consumption was also very high after mending his magic clothes. At that time, Peng Lao took this milky white pill.
However, to the surprise of the strong in the Three Realms, they just launched a new round of offensive, and the foot monster actually came at them, and the strength of the foot monster actually exceeded the honour level.
The strong in the three realms formed a camp and were immediately washed away by the foot monster, and then all of them dodged in horror.
But the strong people present are all venerable. Who can face a monster who exceeds venerable?
Obviously, this monster has been controlled by Xiao Lingyu. Although I hate to believe it, the strong in the three realms have seen this fact.
If not, let this monster acknowledge Xiao Lingyu’s life, even if it is here.
Xiao Lingyu summoned the foot monster to his side and then the foot monster left at a high speed.
Although this monster can deal with the strong in the Three Realms, Xiao Lingyu’s poor state now really drives the strong in the Three Realms into a hurry. If they are desperate and desperate, Xiao Lingyu will not have a good game even with the help of the monster. After all, there are too many strong in the Three Realms.
Xiao Lingyu’s eyes need to let a few of his own people have a good rest and wait until they regain their strength before settling accounts with the strong in the Three Realms, especially the demon race.
Huyun woke up to many strong men in the Three Realms and then flew in the direction of Xiao Lingyu disappearing.
There is no way back. Where is the way forward? Xiao Lingyu doesn’t know that he can fly around here.
The magic stone has already been consumed, and the healing elixir from Mao Zhen’s ring has also been finished. Fortunately, he got several bottles of high-level elixir in the long corridor room of the bipolar temple, which is just the right time to give his three daughters and eat goods to restore healing.
After nearly a month, Xiao Lingyu finally found another light door.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t hesitate to plunge into the light door and then come to the Three Realms, and so did the strong men.
As far as you can see, there is a nebula like a vortex not too far ahead.
Those flying streamers are made up of planets of different sizes, but some streamers are treasures instead of planets or meteorites.
In the center of this nebula, there is a vortex. Xiao Lingyu estimates that the black hole is the only way out of here.
Waiting outside this nebula for a while, I saw that more than a dozen strong men in the Three Realms had rushed over. Xiao Lingyu took a deep breath and jumped into the nebula.
Xiao Lingyu let go to resist him, and it was enough for the monster to speed up and move in a circular trajectory.
By the time Xiao Lingyu’s foot monster went deep into this nebula for nearly a million miles, he had been able to resist the pulling force from nowhere, and he couldn’t help himself in an instant. He tried his best to contain himself, even though those planets or magic weapons were flying together
This nebula is extremely vast, and Xiao Lingyu and others are still outside the nebula. It takes nearly a thousand years for them to fly once, and after a circle, they will get closer to the depths of the nebula.
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Xiaofei writes a lot, and people are absolutely reliable.
Chapter 597 Adventure out of trouble
? Chapter 597 Adventure out of trouble
Those flying streamers are made up of planets of different sizes, but some streamers are treasures instead of planets or meteorites.
Whether these treasures are packaged or not, they are packed in jade boxes or jade bottles, which are also in a circular track in maximum ride.
And in the middle of this nebula …
Chapter 59 Pay interest first
? Chapter 59 Pay interest first
The other side has extremely defensive artifacts, and there are more than two pieces that should last until the end, and they can also get a lot of treasures under the cover of extremely artifacts.
This makes Xiao Lingyu very unhappy, but he is also jealous of others. It is better to consider his own situation first.
Want to be strong …
Chapter 599 Golden Pipeline Black and White Planet 1
? Chapter 599 Golden Pipeline Black and White Planet 1
At this time, the mirror of Yin and Yang has been suspended in front of Xiao Lingyu. Xiao Lingyu can inject energy into the mirror of Yin and Yang at any time to release the four-level virtual shadow monster.
Xiao Lingyu plus three girls plus four virtual shadow monsters. If Xiao Lingyu waits here, if he has nine honour levels, though …
Chapter 6 Golden Pipeline Black and White Planet 2
? The force inside a black hole is not so violent, but occasionally a crack appears in front of you, and it is not difficult to dodge.
For nearly a hundred years, Xiao Lingyu saw a circle of golden light in front of him, and that circle of golden light was the end, but it was not the case.
Looking back at the side again, I saw a long golden pipeline shining with dazzling golden light across the darkness, but it didn’t reveal half the power.
"It should be Tianshi’s stay. I think it’s to stabilize this passage," said Peng Lao, narrowing her eyes.
"But such a special passage has always been that a magic weapon alone can keep it stable?" Xiao Lingyu a little surprised tunnel
"What does Peng Lao mean?" Wonderful surplus asked curiously.
"Hallows? !”
It’s really admirable that a sacred object is used to create the way back for the monks who entered the treasure place.