At a certain moment, when cracks appeared in the fetal bodies of all Yuan gods, Feng Zichen felt that the temperature was almost the same, so she withdrew her strength and did not transform the source of heaven and earth.

Instead, they use their magical powers to draw themselves into the source of heaven and earth, and the creatures poured in along the cracks in the fetal bodies of the Yuan gods.
Buzzing …
After absorbing the source of heaven and earth, the god’s womb became weak, and their suspicion was stronger than that of the Yuan clan, where a strong source of vitality suddenly emerged.
"hmm? ? ?”
The wind zichen this strange behavior to see the crowd wondering what is this? Aren’t we going to shoot the Yuan clan? Why did it suddenly become the source of strengthening the Yuan clan?
Is this to help the Yuan clan to give birth to a stronger posture?
"This is …"
Everyone wondered that different Nu Wa Empress and Empress Been After seeing Feng Zichen’s actions, they all thought of a possible color, which became strange with each passing day.
When all the sources of heaven and earth were absorbed by the Yuan creatures, the supernatural power of Feng Zichen changed again. It turned out that these sources of heaven and earth led to the forced withdrawal of Pangu blood from the Yuan clan!
Seeing this scene, everyone gasped. It turns out that Pangu’s blood is not blasphemous. This is what it means. Just forcibly withdraw Pangu’s blood.
Japanese is Japanese, but can heaven allow it?
For a moment, the wrath of heaven appeared in person, and a purple vertical pupil emerged, staring coldly at the wind Zichen.
"Heaven has crossed you."
"desecrating Pangu’s blood is my enemy of Pangu. Even if you are heaven, you can’t bear the price!"
Chapter 22 Moral Kidnapping
Ziwei Emperor’s predecessor, Heng Tian Dao Feng Zi Chen Zhong.
I saw him surging all over the body, and the vast world and the vast stars all resonated, and the power was overwhelming.
At the moment, Emperor Ziwei is pregnant with Pangu’s sense of honor, and even if he faces heaven, he will not see the slightest fear.
Being so threatened by people, heaven is naturally angry, and the innate thunder in the gathering sky is even more powerful, and it diffuses out the threat of extinction.
However, Emperor Ziwei’s merits are too great, even if he despises heaven so much, it can scare him a little, but he is afraid to make a real move.
After a faint look at Heaven, I saw that he didn’t mean to make moves. Emperor Ziwei directly turned his back to Heaven, facing the wind and facing Zichen, but saw the threat of Heaven.
This enemy posture fell into the eyes of all people and attracted a breath of cold air.
Strong enemy!
This attitude is simply enemy.
Who dares to despise heaven so much today? Sanqing didn’t dare to be the second saint in the west, let alone the Chinese Emperor.
Everyone marveled that it didn’t affect the Chinese Emperor, but he turned his head and stared silently for a while, and then suddenly he started to do it.
Raise your head slightly, and the Chinese Emperor’s hands are empty. Suddenly, the two great stars in the vast star, the Lunar Sun, feel sad at the same time, and an amazing starlight comes to his arms.