A general trend came crashing down.

Depending on all prohibitions and laws, the cocoon of light melted by Emperor Gou Chen in Gouchen Palace was directly blasted.
Just at the critical moment of metamorphosis, the last half step is needed. This general trend has helped to take the last step directly and complete the final metamorphosis.
Bang! ! !
When I heard a shocking explosion, I saw that the cocoon of light changed by Emperor Gou Chen crashed into pieces and the light spots in the sky disappeared.
A coercion hook Chen Xing center swept out around and then spread the whole universe.
Wow …
at this moment
Heaven and earth are lost!
Before this coercion, the heavens and the earth seemed to stagnate, and the rules stopped working.
You Gou Chen Xing
A figure with perfect rhyme fills the air and is full of mysterious breath slowly emerges.
That’s …
Gouchen the Great!
He became a Taoist!
In a trance, the poor light bloomed from him, and the world was dazzled and lost its color, only the bright light filled it.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-seven Heart plug big avatar
Yes, soon
This brilliant ray of outrageous Taoist light will converge.
Just like running water, the light that enveloped the whole universe converged in a blink of an eye and condensed behind Emperor Chen.
After a twist, the bright light gradually faded, and the mysterious runes followed.
It didn’t take long for the light to disappear completely.
And a long river composed of innate runes replaces his position and floats behind Emperor Chen!
That’s a long road!
More than 3,000 miles of Gouchen Dadi Avenue represents the triple heaven realm of Gouchen Dadi.
Yes, it’s triple heaven!
The day after tomorrow, the fate of Gou Chen’s Terran helped Gou Chen’s great breakthrough, which was a triple step of mixing yuan and heaven.
This is the advantage of having a job position. If you don’t break through, you will have a breakthrough, which is a cross-border breakthrough that ordinary people can’t envy.
The long river of the avenue is more than 3 thousand years long, but it gives people a sense of grandeur, like a bridge between heaven and earth, which runs through the whole world and exudes majesty
The road is moving!
The poor innate rune flows like running water, making a rattling sound, which breaks the peace of heaven and earth.
Then, as if something had been broken, when the general world resumed its flow, the rule of non-stagnation also resumed its operation
Everything is back to normal!


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