Unhappy in my heart, the wind Zichen is about to suppress the chaotic gas coming in, but she sees a mysterious divine light blooming from other bodies.

The restless and chaotic gas in the place where the divine light shines seems to have been tamed, and it floats around the wind Zichen honestly.
"This is …"
Trance stroke Zichen seems to have reached out and touched his eyebrow.
I don’t know since when
Suddenly there is a mysterious mark.
And that mysterious divine light emanates from this mark.
Zichen seal!
Is the name of the imprint.
At the same time, it is also a symbol of Feng Zichen’s chaotic life identity.
This is the life mark given to Feng Zichen by the Avenue!
Is his real name.
It can also be said that it is the name of God!
"I haven’t been to the chaos for a long time, but I have forgotten the chaotic creatures. How can I be afraid of the chaos?"
"It should be them!"
With a chuckle, Zichen opened her mouth with a jerk and swallowed up all the chaotic gas wandering around him!
"This is the real chaos!"
"I don’t know how many times the power contained in it is richer than the chaotic gas in the outer space chaos."
Suck up make clicks wind zichen some regrets ground say
After the strength has reached the mixed state, the weather has already met his daily training needs, and only chaotic qi can make him continue to make progress.
However, although the danger of the chaotic gas in the wild is greatly reduced after being filtered by the canopy, the suspicion of power contained in it is also weakened a lot. In the great chaos outside the law, the pure gas is comparable to the chaotic gas.
It is no exaggeration to say that this practice is better in one day than in one year.
"It’s time to find a chance to take back chaos bead."
Thinking of the benefits of out-of-bounds chaos cultivation, Feng Zichen decided to take back chaos bead to facilitate her practice here.
In the future, even if there is no such thing, he will take back the seal of humanity after the five emperors.
Can it always be fake to others?
"Forget it"
"business matters"
"Let’s be enlightened first!"
When you know yourself, the wind is limited. Zichen doesn’t delay the decision.
More than 4,000 miles of purple river poured out from the wind zichen body and crashed away from the chaotic source.
There is a mark left by Feng Zichen when she was preaching.
As Feng Zichen thought, the path was very smooth, and his avenue was easily branded with chaos.
And just like that, with the wind, Zichen branded her own avenue, and the chaotic source made a sense of it.
There are wisps of mysterious forces hanging around the square, chaotic gasification, a huge avenue oven, and the wind zichen is shrouded and slowly refined.
This is Da Dao’s personal efforts to help him reinvent himself and reshape the Tao.
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine Chinese emperor gas
Just as Feng Zichen broke through the road when he picked Jin Xian, he personally purified the source to help him transform chaotic creatures.
This return air Zichen broke through the mixed Yuan Daluo Jinxianji Avenue and got the same experience here.
With this opportunity
He can transform chaos fiend in one fell swoop.
Of course, this is just thinking about it.