Maybe I can surpass you in the end, but I think maybe I’m not better than surpassing you. It’s enough to join hands with you!

Do you think so?
What kind of expression do you have at the moment? You are suffering from pain that ordinary people can’t bear, and you still bite your teeth and say nothing?
Is your face pale and twisted with pain at the moment?
At the moment, my heart is like a blade. I don’t want to see your face, and you don’t want to see my worry and pain at the moment. Chapter 684 The best scene of my life.
"The proud son talk to me … don’t sing to me, ok?"
Huang Jun Yi Yin came from behind Ziyun Ao, idiot. How painful it is for you to bite your lip like this. I told you not to make me sad. I told you not to look at me … Why don’t you just listen?
So gently I sing a song, ok?
Forget that I experienced suffocation and sobriety again and again, forget that I was punished by purgatory.
I want to hear your voice. Please sing for me …
Ziyun proudly clasped her hands and loosened a little. She slowly bowed her head and found that there were a few drops of blood on her feet. She had just bitten her lip hard, and he must have seen it to make her sing.
Fool, why should you think of her first at this time?
"Good" Ziyun ao tries to make his voice sound calm. "Just sing without listening to songs …"
"Well … if the proud son likes to sing …"
Please allow me to settle down.
Silence buried the past.
Covered in wind and rain, I come from the sea.
To live in seclusion in this desert
It’s always clear what to hide
A thousand words can be said.
Love is a superstition in the right place at the right time.
Oh, so you’re here, too
Ah, that man
Is it in the dream?
What? I’ll do my best
But for half a lifetime of memories.
If it weren’t for your longing for eyes
If I hadn’t redeemed my mood
Qian Shan meets thousands of people.
Oh, so you’re here, too
It is you who will make me feel that I am not lonely in this life. I don’t think you are in a dream. You are real. I came here through this time. Maybe I found you …
Ziyun proudly sang here, and the lip angle slightly raised, and all the pain seemed to become less important.
Huang Junyi’s lip angle gently raises "a very special melody …"
He deliberately hid his pain, and she seemed to feel it, so that he wouldn’t be overwhelmed by it. She decided to keep singing to him, so that he wouldn’t feel so lonely …
"I’ll sing his songs to you if Yi feels nice," Ziyun proudly said.
At the moment, she seems to have become extraordinarily tender, as if the moonlight had become tender because of her. She remembered that they had met in Biyue Hot Springs, that he held her palm and accompanied her to practice the picture in the water, and that he was gentle bit by bit, as if he had been moved by such tenderness and become as gentle as him.
"hmm!" Huang Junyi replied lightly.
Even when there is pain, she will feel at ease, or she will feel at ease if she doesn’t see his weakness. He never refuses to show weakness in front of her, but they all know that everyone has a weak side.
The b scene of my life was meeting you.
Staring at you quietly in the vast sea of people, unfamiliar and familiar
I can hug you even though I breathe the breath of the same day.
I hope I can recognize your eyes if I change my identity and name.