This is the woman who has once again condensed her mana sword. Guanghua is more blazing like the sun, and her power is more than a few before.

"Sister, I have something to say!" Who avoid hurriedly closed sword stand hand said no hostility.
Seeing this, the woman also temporarily stopped moving, but the brilliant sword power did not diminish "cabinet intention?"
Who immediately took out his license plate and said, "I have too many license plates. I’m not a school sister. On the contrary, I want my school sister to join hands to confront the monks who are waiting for robbery."
I saw my sister and wanted to leave the situation before I made sure that she also had a number plate in her hand, so that you and I could trust each other and not be consistent with each other. "
The woman stared at Wei Ji’s expression for a moment and then said, "Brother is so kind. I don’t allow it, but Brother Xiu still needs people to join hands. Those people must also join hands to collect it!" In this case, you and I are not enough! "
"It’s still early, and we can find other colleagues!" Who avoid said with a smile
Chapter DiSiLiuJiu Kill immortals
Chapter DiSiLiuJiu Kill immortals
The two men have reached an agreement, although the prevention and suspicion in their hearts will not be eliminated for a while, but the tense scene before is completely gone, and then the powerful female xiu Wei Ji also exchanged names and some basic information.
The female disciple named Li Chenyan was born in Xiandao Middle School of Chu State, killing immortals.
Since ancient times, geniuses and outstanding people among monks have been like the Ganges River, and many of them are outstanding and self-contained, but among these people, there are two kinds of people who are most concerned: one is the devil entering the Tao; One is that the reason for the possession of the Tao is very simple. Although everything in heaven is extremely contradictory, poverty will change the truth, but it is rare to really witness and understand this truth.
Whether they are possessed by the Tao or possessed by the Tao, they are all aware of the extreme state of the dharma practiced by the body and thus detached. These two kinds of people are all aware of the Tao, and their practice is far beyond the ordinary genius monks, and they will be the top and strongest in the adult world.
The ancestor who killed Xianzong Mountain was a powerful demon who entered the Taoist temple. He was a demon who killed the devil’s brother, and he made great achievements. After repairing, he was sentenced to enter the Taoist temple and stood on his own feet. One side created the immortal Sect. Killing Xianzong tens of thousands of years ago was also a big-name force, spanning more than a dozen big countries. It can be said that it was a flash in the pan.
It’s a pity that the foundation of this magic method has finally turned to the door, and not everyone can understand it. Although the ancestor who killed the immortal Sect had traveled many times during his lifetime, he was able to become a strong man by himself, but he was able to understand the two opposite methods of magic and Taoism.
As a result, the immortal Sect was killed shortly after the mountain ancestor ascended. The name of the devil Sect traitor United with many magic sects to crusade. This kind of ending seems to have become a cult created by two peerless geniuses, namely, the enchantment of Taoism and the enchantment of Taoism. It is inevitable that before their ascent, they all single-handedly crushed the heavenly magic Taoism, occupying all the scenery, making the heavenly magic Taoism and the two branches all secretly jealous, but only a few sects are willing to fight side by side with them.
The mountain ancestor who killed Xianzong was naturally white, so many successful orphans were also arranged before soaring. This time, although the siege killed Xianzong suffered heavy losses, it still stood out from the crowd. However, this kind of school with two veins of enlightenment and magic is like an alternative school that stands out from the magic and Taoism. Naturally, it is excluded by two veins.
After years of conspiracy, robbery, siege and chaos, the Sect of Killing Immortals finally fell apart and fell from the position of super faction, and even failed to keep the position of big faction.
Wei Ji deliberately studied the history of the monks for a period of time, but he knew this history clearly, but he killed the immortals in vain. It must not be regarded as an ordinary affiliated sect of the Five Elements Sect. Killing the immortals is not just a branch of Chu. In many countries, it has killed the immortals, but the medium sects are small and small. If these forces are connected together, they are strong and afraid that they will still be in the Five Elements Sect.
The immortals killed are famous in Chu, who dare to disobey the orders of the Five Elements Sect. Some people may wonder, in this case, why don’t the Five Elements Sect just cut off the immortals and make an example? To put it bluntly, the reason is simple: one is desperate, and the other is unnecessary.
Although the potential power of this ancient vein of killing immortals is amazing, after all, it is already yesterday, and the branches have fallen apart. Which family has no plans of its own? It’s no problem to unite with each other, help each other to support themselves, but it’s impossible to unite. After all, there are too many branches to kill immortals. Maybe three or four branches are willing to give up all their interests and be the most suitable person to be an elder, but I’m afraid more people won’t have this idea. They think it will be if they continue to expand their interests and improve their status!
If they want to reunite in a short time, there is one possibility, that is, they will kill Xian Zongdi and realize their ancestors’ achievement method again, but this hope is even more slim.
The five sects need warm water to cook frogs to kill immortals, and that’s it. In this way, the fight against immortals is to seek help and become famous, and other immortals’ branches will never do their best to support them because of this crisis that seems far away. After all, they are also very white, and the two immortals are taboo to their sect.
In this case, Wei Ji believes that it is equally clear that if he is content with a medium school, he will always go. If he has a higher level of mind and is detected, the result must be a slow decline and death.
"It turned out that Li Shimei was the one who killed Xian Zongdi. There is such a strong and tragic murder in the sword potential! If other sects’ brothers and sisters meet, I’m afraid the blade is weak before touching it. "Wei Ji’s heart is full of thoughts and memories like flint, but the surface still looks as usual."
"Brother I’m flattered! Which sect has no secret method? If it’s true as brother said, then I won’t have so few people to fight for training places in the past 100 years! " Chen-yan li replied with a light smile.
Who bogey is a polite sentence, but he didn’t really see the difference between killing Xian Zongdi and the other sects. It’s more than half a sentence! There are many entanglements between the two factions, and Wei Ji doesn’t like to fight in secret all the way. He immediately crossed the topic and said, "School sister, let’s not chat here in the future. Now let’s find an ally first!" After all, the more you intercept in the future, the greater the intensity! "
"All right!" Chen-yan li is also an ice-snow expert, but this time she didn’t say anything directly.
Chapter 47 Omission to run
Chapter 47 Omission to run
Wei Ji is also a secret. Li Chenyan, two people looking for allies together, can show others that the "enemy" is stronger and easier to get other monks’ approval to join his alliance. I didn’t expect that the two people together would make those monks with license plates full of bad feelings from the inside out, so they would not listen to Wei Ji’s explanation and then face each other.
For the first time, Wei Ji was still unlucky enough to meet a monk with a bad temper, but when this happens one after another, Wei Ji will be white. Wei Ji is an extremely clever person, but people who are clever often make some low-level mistakes because they are too clever or neglect.
Meditation to briefly consider who avoid white is going on, those monks don’t want to and who avoid Li Chenyan together instead of fighting, not to say that their own strength is so high that they don’t need help, but because they are worried that who avoid Li Chenyan will unite to grab the number plate in his hand.
Although Wei Ji and Jerry Lee Yan Dou showed their number plates at the first time, it was so tacit that two people made such a move at the same time. In this environment of competing for the number plates and keys, it was impossible for others not to raise doubts. After all, the monks who came to participate in the centennial training for places are all elites among the younger brothers of Chu Xiandao, even those who are scattered people have many relatives and friends. If they can choose, they are afraid that they will hope that their relatives and friends can become more of them.
After all, no one can be 100% sure that he won’t make any mistakes. When he gets through this quota competition, the more friends he takes part in, the better he will be, because even if he fails, it is possible to get some rewards in a hundred years of training trials because of his friends.
This kind of action by Suo Weiji and Li Chenyan is like a small group getting more number plates at home as bait. How can there be a fool who can come here to compete for the number plates? As the saying goes, there is a cloud to guard against people’s hearts! At this critical moment, anyone who is afraid will be cautious.
After understanding this Wei Ji, he also felt a little confused in distress. He told Li Chenyan the situation immediately, and then the two of them went separately to look for it, so that at least others would look that they did not have overwhelming power, and their vigilance would be reduced to the lowest point, so that it would be easier to find other allies.
Of course, the two people are not blindly divided, so there is no point. They have agreed on a plan, determined a coordinate point, and gathered themselves together to return home.
Li Chenyan was able to grow up in the magic sect of killing Xianzong, and it was also natural to correct the dragon, phoenix, intelligence and wisdom. At least 40% of the final agreed plan was supplemented and perfected by him. After the plan was finalized, they immediately changed their lines without a moment’s delay and acted according to the plan.
After all, Wei Ji and Li Chenyan’s plan is not complicated. Their core actions are almost the same as Wei Ji’s previous search for Li Chenyan. The only difference is that they use magic to secretly walk and let many monks who go deep into the lake to collect plates know that many monks have joined forces and are waiting to rob them. Only by joining forces is the best way out.
Of course, those monks who want a little insight in these situations are definitely white, but in their hearts, they may not pay too much attention to this situation or have extraordinary confidence in their own strength. In this case, I am afraid that those people are more willing to choose to act alone, but after Wei avoid Li Chenyan, even in the heart of confident monks, there is no snoring, so that their actions will be much smoother in the form.
"Li Daoxiong, how many battles and wars have taken place in the Lake of Thunder and Fire this day? I’m sure you have some idea. I won’t say much. Although fighting in the Lake of Thunder and Fire doesn’t hurt my life, coming to the number plate in hand is given away by others.
This century-old training is a great opportunity for us, Zhu Jidi. If we miss this time, a new genius will be born. It is definitely not our turn. This is our last chance. You and I finally got the number plate. Of course, there are strength factors, but there are still many fortune factors. After all, who has come to participate in the century-old training quota competition without holding a few tricks in his hand?
It is not certain that we want to keep the number plate in our hands by our own strength! Presumably, Brother Dao doesn’t want to work hard, but finally get a bamboo basket to draw water! "Who avoid formal way.
"This is natural!"
A tall and straight monk with a white robe and a handsome figure nodded slightly.
"It is a good policy to find a group of like-minded people to unite!" Who avoid said with a smile
"Brother Wei Dao wants to go to that place with me!" The white monk asked.
"Not bad!" Who avoid can be answered without hesitation "but the words appear particularly odd, which will not have any traps, but it is difficult to guarantee that I can go alone, but it is a bit awkward. It would be best if Li Daoxiong could join me with you and me to form allies first."
If there is nothing fishy about it, it is naturally the best. We can also try our best to break through and block Kolor from going out with the number plate. If there is something strange in it, even if you and I join forces, we will be able to protect ourselves and withdraw from it. It is the best of both worlds.
Now I just don’t know if Brother Li Daoxiong is willing or not. "
"This is a good thing, and I will not be happy?" The white monk hesitated a little and answered, "But I want to get Bai Wei’s brother. Why did you find me?" There are not ten thousand monks at the bottom of the lake and Brother Wei Dao is far more powerful than me. I don’t believe Brother Wei chose me because he met me first! "
Who avoid smile answered "if I say it’s because of feeling? Do you believe brother Li Daoxiong? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"letter! Of course, believe me, I feel at home with Brother Wei! " Friar Bai laughed. "In that case, Brother Wei suggested that we should go!"
Chapter four hundred and seventy-one The license plate is now an opportunity.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-one The license plate is now an opportunity.
The white-robed monk suddenly became anxious from the original unhurried and tepid. Naturally, his heart was quite calculated, but he didn’t care at all about what he needed, that is, as much as possible, more monks with license plates were gathered together for joint action to get out of the face. Those who were dedicated to robbing monks blocked the net and hid it in these people’s hearts. He was simply lazy.