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She stood idly staring at him and said faintly, "I want to take care of everything that is unfair. Why?"
Look at her from head to toe. He cocked his lip and laughed. "I didn’t expect this capital to be more arrogant than the Lord." Long fingers rubbed their jaws and looked at her from head to toe again. He added, "But are you so ugly and talented?"
In the eyes, the wind and flowers flowed to her and said, "This grandfather is very ill and can’t be cured!" Alas, it’s a pity to be blind and deaf when you are so uber!
"Do you curse me to report to Yamaraja Temple?" Fundus essence mans flash across his half squinting new smile still hanging on his lips.
However, everyone who is familiar with others knows that this man is angry even today!
But she raised her eyebrows proudly with her arms in her hands. "Is there?"
"Miss Yi Wang comes again" The girl finally ran into the yard.
Jane doe picked his eyebrows and threw out a sentence, "Enlarge yellow and big black to guard them at the gate of the courtyard, and then dare to kill the stew directly if two bones neglect their duties!"
"Xiao Lai, do you think we kissed and hugged? You shouldn’t hate me so much?" Like a loyal dog, a man squatted in front of her and smiled. "Besides, you are a small lai and I am a small pi. It is not a perfect match for us to get together!"
The cold mountain was all over his eyes. He sank, "I want to see who dares to touch her?"
The belle frowned. "Xiao Jiu, are you questioning Sister Huang?"
"Are you sure you haven’t dreamed again?" Then he took her hand and his eyes suddenly changed. "Who wants to slap you?"
Seeing that her eyes were startled but she didn’t do it, he smiled and waved out his robe sleeve to listen to a heavy ring of "pa" … "
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chapters and sections
Chapter 1 lay down one’s life for each other
The night is full of blood gas in the cold chill.
Gu Liancheng’s slender figure is flying, picking, chopping, stabbing, stabbing, and laying siege to their brothers and sisters. The assassins in black fell one by one.
"I didn’t expect Ningyuan Houfu to silently smell that Miss Er still has a good kung fu." A black assassin’s sword forced her eyes to be cruel and abnormal. "But what can this do? Today will be the anniversary of your family’s death. If you don’t want to die in humiliation like your mother’s eldest sister, you will personally kill your brother and sister, otherwise I will do it for you! "
With the third sister and younger brother Gu Liancheng slowly back.
But she knew that they had retired.
-Behind him is the abyss.
"Who ordered you?" Staring at the black assassin approaching her brother and sister, her eyes were full of hatred.
The assassin in black laughed. "Do you think you will tell me if you ask me?"
Smoke billowed from Baiyun Temple halfway up the mountain.
"Kill my family, even the monks in the temple and his pilgrims. Remember that if I don’t die today, I will definitely ask you to get back this blood debt!"
As her voice fell, the black assassin’s cruel eyes flashed and immediately jumped up and stabbed her with a sword like a flash.
Gu Liancheng suddenly turned around and picked up the third sister and the younger brother. "I am not afraid that the second sister will protect you!" Whispering a word, she jumped into the abyss.
Has been seriously injured, she fell into the abyss or was stabbed by the black assassin Jianfeng?
The pain and heartache attacked every nerve ending of her.
"I’m not afraid that the second sister will keep you safe …" The plain dress danced against the wind, and Gu Liancheng stepped on the cliff body for a moment, and her back overflowed toward the lip corner, smiling slightly and staring softly at the third sister in her arms. "Ning Er must live to take care of Juner!"
Perhaps she was worried that she was running out of luck, so she entrusted Third Sister with this.
In a tropical rain forest in Southeast Asia in the 21st century
Liancheng is cold and the town is silent. "Is everyone out?"
One of the players said, "Everyone has returned to the team except Jack and Old K"
Sharp eyes swept Liancheng from six players in front of him and ordered, "You wait for me to meet them." It’s not necessary to say that she lost sight of her figure in a flash.


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