My thoughts are getting clearer and clearer, and my anger is getting stronger and stronger. Xiao Wen is getting calmer and calmer.
He smiled at the corners of his mouth, and suddenly he understood what it was like to die generously, not afraid of death, but the value of death far exceeded all the values that could be created by continuing to live!
Killing with a smile may be because the murderer is cold-blooded, but it may also be because he really deserves to be killed and the murderer is afraid of the consequences.
Xiao Wen may not be able to kill Xuanyuan Emperor with a smile, but he can face it calmly.
It turns out that the biggest hate is not hate gnashing one’s teeth and swearing, but hate that it has completely calmed down. It needs to be explained more, and it needs to be shown that there are you, me, me and you in this world. I know it and then do it calmly.
So calm and calm, Xiao Wen waited for the Northern Wilderness.
The northern wilderness teleported and saw the ice cliff Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing at a glance.
He couldn’t help blinking, but he was wrong. Xiao Wen actually held Nan Yunqing? !
Xiao asked immediately sensed the northern wilderness, and Zhongnan Yunqing, who was also sleeping, opened her eyes with eyelashes trembling.
In this world, Xiao asks someone who can relax her completely. When there are other people in the nearby environment, she will be alert immediately.
Open your eyes and it’s not bright the day after tomorrow. Nan Yunqing still saw Xiao Wen and looked at her tangentially.
Nan Yunqing instantly recalled what was going on, but she smiled at Xiao Wenwei and sat up straight.
She hardly laughs, but in recent tens of thousands of years, all smiles have been focused on knowing Xiao Wen, and hundreds of years later, the objects are all Xiao Wen. Now it turns out to be more and more natural
Two people root didn’t say anything more directly got up and looked at the northern wilderness.
"Two, let’s go." Northern Wilderness said directly.
Bai Lingjiu left last night. Two people followed the Northern Wilderness into the ice cave and joined Bai Qionghai. Then they teleported out directly. In the cloud tower, Bai Qionghai had sealed it in the ice bed by secret method, which was quite safe.
Being the only one in the history of the demon race, Bai Qionghai, tian hu, ten tail, means that ghosts and gods are unpredictable. Is there a unique god Xuanyuan Huang in this world? She is the first person in all the worlds of the ancient gods.
Although Xiao Wen is already a celestial being, he still has to listen to Bai Qionghai’s arrangement in this battle.
Bai Qionghai has a hidden method that people can’t find their trace if they don’t move thousands of miles away, but Xuanyuan Emperor is probably an exception. Bai Qionghai decided to hide five thousand miles away, and then she has a method that can directly take everyone to Xuanyuan Emperor’s side if Xuanyuan Emperor is not alert.
In yesterday’s discussion, there were two key problems. One was that Bai Qionghai, who ambushed Xuanyuan Emperor, solved a problem himself. Although it was not an orthodox ambush, the effect was almost the same. The other key problem was that if the ambush was successful, he should be kept or killed on the spot. The second point was that no one had experience, because Xuanyuan Emperor had never escaped from the battlefield. No one knew what he had to do to escape or don’t try his best to improvise.
The first ray of sunshine in the morning cast the curtain on the battle between the fairy and the demon.
Xiao Wen, Nan Yunqing, Bai Qionghai, Zi Yan and Hai Nong are hiding in the battlefield five thousand miles away, and they have enough eyesight to look at the battlefield. Unfortunately, five thousand miles away is so far that no one can see the situation over there.
They know that the battlefield is on the edge of the desert, and both sides spread out from north to south on the horizon, and heaven and earth are fighting
But it’s still in the exploratory stage, and neither side’s Chinese army has moved yet.
Purple Yan is prone on the left side of Xiao Wen. It’s rare that I didn’t ask a joke with Xiao Wen from beginning to end, and I didn’t lift my hands. I introduced myself to everyone again.
Purple Yan and Nan Yunqing said a few words, and both of them parted and asked Xiao if he was sweating. What would Purple Yan say when he came back?
Even Hainong was a little surprised. He actually had a lot of dealings with Zi Yan and knew that Zi Yan’s roots were not like this.
In this five-person ambush squad, there are purple Yan and Hainong, and there is no direct hatred with Xuanyuan Huang, which seems to be the most calm.
But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to kill Xuanyuan Emperor.
Ask them through Xiao that they know something about Xuanyuan Huang. Zi Yan’s personality wants her to do enough things in the future. Even if someone stops her, she will go to Xuanyuan Huang’s trouble. Hainong’s seafood turned out to be a straight man, and he was not a good man. But I didn’t expect that there would be anything so bad in this world as Xuanyuan Huang! In order to show respect to Xuanyuan Emperor, he will definitely contribute all his strength in the coming World War I.
At this time, however, Xiao Wen is still not sure about their two strengths.
It is most convenient to ask Ziyan because there is a soul mark in his brain. He directly said to Ziyan, "Hey, what have you learned?"
At this time, the speech will not be heard by outsiders. Purple Yan finally became less serious and said directly, "Anyway, I’m not in the front, so you’ll know directly when the time comes."
Hearing the word "old Niang", Xiao Wen felt particularly cordial and smiled. "All right, then you must be careful. I may not be able to take care of you."
"When do I need you to take care of me? You’d better take care of your southern girl."
"I’ll ask Brother Hainong again."
Xiao asked Hainong if he didn’t say two words, and Hainong understood his meaning. He patted him on the shoulder with a smile and said, "Xiao asked me to tell you so. The former Ocean Heart didn’t even play out its power in your hands."
Although there is a feeling of being damaged, Xiao Wen also roughly guessed what kind of strength Hainong is now.
"Then I’m relieved."
"Well, when the time comes, the two of us will fight head-on with Xuanyuan Emperor to attract firepower, and three female generals will assist in the attack. Is that such a tactic?"
"Well, in fact, the south girl can also rotate-she is also very good at frontal fighting," Xiao asked truthfully.
At this moment, Xiao asked, "I’m not good at it?"
At this moment, Xiao asked suddenly interrupted for nothing. Purple Yan seems to be fighting Nan Yunqing? !
Besides, it’s not a jealousness, it’s too much talk, and ZiYan can’t like him to that extent.
That’s the kind of fighting in diamond cut diamond!
"Be good at being good at" Xiao asked.
Soon the five people were quiet again because the battlefield situation in the distance changed again.
More and more soldiers will go into the war and face it!
And at that time, it was the time when the powerful people of both sides did their best!
Finally, the demon race took the lead in lighting up a group of golden light, cutting the dragon ape Wang Jindi and showing himself into the enemy line!
There was also a monk Dandao who turned into a giant with indomitable spirit over there!
The two sides soon fought together, and it was not fierce!
Then the two sides put in several powerful people, and all the people hiding five thousand miles away have squinted.
Bai Qionghai suddenly said, "Everybody get ready."
The demon race on the battlefield suddenly exploded with a piece of white gas, which almost flooded the battlefield!
The extremely cold stork statue of Shen Hai has made a move!
In the place where Bai Qi lived, many celestial monks had frosted flowers, and their strength was lower, but they fell directly from it.
Shen Hai not only has a wide range of attacks, but also has strong control. Actually, he didn’t accidentally injure a demon race!
As soon as he made a move, the atmosphere of the whole battlefield changed.
At this moment, a white light from the celestial camp suddenly flashed across the sky like a white horse and split into ice!
Xuanyuan Huang made a move! to be continued