There is a high probability that you will always win the cunning character.

In this case, I can’t let him get what he wants.
So Schustr came to the sidelines to wake up his players and told them not to besiege Pa Wen again.
Modify tactics and spend more time.
Real Madrid players listen to the manager’s arrangement and no longer assist Pa Wen.
Pa Wen’s pressure decreases with it.
Pa Wen looked at the boss on the sidelines and he squatted on the ground again.
It was the first time that he had a chance to relive his old dream after the game six years ago.
The form is exactly the same. The other party regards him as a superior force to break through him.
Fortunately, this time he knew the right answer.
He changed the way.
So the enemy retreated like a flood.
My defensive pressure suddenly lightened.
To be honest, when Pa Wen did this, he didn’t know whether he could support it to the end in the wave after wave of offensives in Real Madrid.
He is very worried that if the other party finally succeeds in breaking through himself, won’t the result be the same?
Now he is relieved.
The boss said it was right!
When Real Madrid stopped attacking Pa Wen, Lazio actually felt less defensive pressure.
Although they attacked more places, the attack intensity was weakened.
It’s like knocking a nail. What makes the front of a nail sharp and easy to knock? It’s not so easy to switch to blunt head.
The reason is the same.
It was Pa Wen who suffered the sharp attack in the Real Madrid attack alone.
Now Real Madrid’s attack has become a blunt threat, which is much smaller.
Lazio’s offensive speed after the pressure on the defense line is reduced
This speed makes Real Madrid very uncomfortable.
When they thought the football was still at Khedira’s feet, their defensive attention shifted to Khedira.
But when they were just about to defend Khedira, Khedira threw the football out.
And modric didn’t stop the ball. He just threw the football out again.
Will the Real Madrid players even prepare to defend him this time?
Football is handed back and forth in front of Real Madrid players, and onlookers will think it is wrong when they go out.
But when the camera moves past, everyone will find that a Lazio player appeared at the football landing point on time and received the ball.
This kind of energy is almost complete without thinking and observing the ball.
This ability is created by doing several ball-catching exercises in training.
There is no shortcut to success, even if there is a plug-in, it needs the players to train persistently.
Chang Sheng and his colleagues in the coaching staff imagined many situations and then put the players in this environment to force them to cooperate quickly.
Everyone will find it hard to believe that because the ball is too fast, they can’t be accurate at all.
But Chang Sheng kept them practicing.
Finally, everyone can see the effect
They are getting more and more accurate, and they are like this no matter what the environment.
But after they finish the ball, they know how to run and where to appear.
In this way, teammates can certainly catch the ball without considering and observing the ball directly in this direction.
This is the reason why Lazio has this tactic at present.
Keep the ball and running, which is the basis of winning tactics.
It can’t be simpler.
But not many people can crack it.
Because not every team can complete so many boring ball training day after day.
And every team has its own style that can’t be forced.
Real Madrid seems to be at a loss in the face of Lazio’s hand.
Finally, they can shrink into the restricted area to defend.
But even in the face of Lazio’s quick cut, they are still stunned.
At the end of the half-time, Lazio sent the football into the penalty area through a dazzling line of defense.
Fa Erkao leaned against the central defender Cannavaro in front of the door and relied on his physical and strength advantages to make the former world’s best central defender helpless
Cannavaro’s physical fitness is now very fast. He is blocked by Fa Erkao, and there is nothing he can do to follow Fa Erkao to reach the ball, hoping to poke the football first.
Fa Erkao simply leaned back and pushed Cannavaro back to keep him away from football.
Then he stretched out his foot and pushed the football into the goal guarded by casillas …
"Fa Erkao! 2! Lazio lead Real Madrid by two goals at home! This half-time is really surprising. We think Real Madrid should be able to draw with Lazio away … "
The stands rang with the cry of "Tiger" again.